Viking Airsoft

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Close quarters battle: Basic

Custom built for beginner to intermediate players. With a lower feet-per-second setting (FPS), the CQB:Basic sessions give you the thrill of action without the sting of defeat. [more]

close quarters battle: advanced

Designed for more advanced and experienced players, a highter FPS setting and tighter quarters mean you better be at the top of your game, or your'e going to feel it in the morning! [more]

nerf wars

Just the right speed for younger players looking for the action of airsoft, but not quite ready to make that leap. [more]

zombie apocalypse

It's our live-action zombie video game, where you and your team have to work together to survive. You're on a mission of survival, and ammo is limited. Are you good enough to make it, or are you tonight's main course? [more]